For more information please contact Katie Logan, our Youth Coordinator:

Why is the church important in the world? How does it relate to our day to day lives? Come and find out! Woodlawn’s youth programs help build a community of youth who are making a difference in the world!

Sunday Morning Youth Group

During worship, following story time, the youth (grades 6-12) meet in Room B. We discuss many issues that are important and relevant in our lives. We discuss these issues through the use of Bible stories and scripture, video clips, discussions, community building activities and spiritual practices. We also participate in sharing our talents through leading worship during the year.

Junior Youth Group

This group is for youth in grades 6 to 8.We will meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month, starting September 17th.

Senior Youth Group

For grades 8+ (Grade 8s can be a member of either Jr or Sr YG). We meet the 8th Sunday of most months, beginning on Sept 24th. Is going to church important? How does being Christian effect how we live 7-8 PM in the youth room of the Heritage Centre! our lives? Come explore these questions and more. Through video clips, discussion, games, activities, and the occasional science, art, cooking project we will talk about the things that are really important in your lives! See you then!!

EPIC YOUTH RETREATS!!!! Are you in Grades 6+ and interested in having a fantastic weekend? Our first Youth Retreat of the year will be Sept 6th.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF WOODLAWN: If you are a youth or young adult and are interested in social justice and building community …. JLOW is for you! This year we will be participating in WeDay on Oct 16th! Come and join the fun and work of making the world a better place. We are deciding whether we will meet Sundays 3-4:30 or 7-8:30. If you are going to attend JLOW please cast your vote ;)

CONFIRMATION: Are you in grade 8+, an active member of Woodlawn and interested in youth confirmation this year? Talk to Shannon or Rev. Phillip for details.

Sunday School, Youth Group and our various youth programs have their registration open all year!
For more information please contact Katie Logan, our Youth Coordinator: