Sunday School and Youth Group (2020)


Our staff has been hard at work to ensure our programs will be safe and COVID19 ready! First, youth and children will no longer be participating in our regular services, however, they will have the opportunity to see the live stream every week on Facebook and see special services (like communion) live-streamed during Sunday school and youth group! In order to limit physical contact and prevent idle hands, our Sunday School program has been moved to the Heritage Centre for the entire duration of Church. The Youth Group will also be held in the Heritage Centre as usual but for an extended period of time.
Does this mean the kids will not get to participate and communicate with other generations? Nope! We've got a bunch of plans in place to incorporate our kids more including a service Sunday where our youth group members get to work with mentors in other ministries to help out the church, the continuation of mystery friends, and some fun surprises that will come later! 
Does this mean the end of storytime? Have no fear Katie will still bring to you storytime every week, as she'll be teaching the youth group we won't see her physically but she is recording a video to be played in the service before each sermon! You'll also get to see possible appearances from our youth and kids in these storytimes as well so stay tuned! 
How do we register? The new registration forms will be sent out to the congregation next week along with a full information package on Sunday school and youth group. All procedures will be outlined to make reentry to our children and youth ministries as fluid and as simple as possible. 
Do you want to get involved in planning youth programs, teaching Sunday school, or chaperoning? Email Katie at
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Registration Form

Registration Form


For more information please contact Katie Logan, our Youth Coordinator: