Fall Craft/Vendor Sale & Luncheon

Saturday, October 27 ~ 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Admission  $2.00 - Luncheon $8.00

Bake tables, lots of free parking. Lunch is hamburger soup or corn chowder, roll coffee/tea and dessert.

134th Anniversary Pot luck Dinner

Sunday, October 28 ~ 5 PM

Join us for dinner and karaoke! There will be plenty of fun and the best food, as who does a better potluck than Woodlawn United!

Please come and bring your favourite potluck dish to the church for 5:00 PM to celebrate together. Supper will begin at 5:30 PM and at approximately 6:30 we will have Karaoke provide by Guy Hermanson (no experience necessary). Bring your family, another family, and your friends to share in the fun and fellowship together.  It is always a great time. 

All welcome! We are looking forward to a wonderful evening together.

Thank GOD it's Thursday!

Every Thursday at 7 PM

A series of informative, interesting and engaging discussions on a variety of complex and dynamic issues that affect us on a daily basis. Come for information, education, fellowship and FUN!

Thursday October 4: SPIRITed Conversations - Boston Pizza, Portland St. Join us where FAITH is on TAP. This is a place where we can discuss things that really matter to us united around a table. Maybe you want to order wings and talk of spiritual things? Perhaps you are more of a nacho and news kind of person? Bring your questions, and your friends and come out to discuss whatever is important to you with a Minister from Woodlawn United Church and everyone else around the table. If you are a regular church goer, you are invited. If you are spiritual but not religious, come along. If you are questioning or have life all figured out, you are welcome to come and share your story.

Thursday October 11: Rooms A & B ~ The Lord’s Prayer. Come out and join Phillip to explore one of our most memorable prayers used by Christians worldwide. We’ll discuss the core content, and learn about the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer, by comparing different versions.

Thursday October 18: Rooms A & B ~ Art & Soul. Shelley will guide us in creating Vision Boards. God makes all things possible. Come out, create, and express your vision. Are you nurturing your calling? Are you living your best life? Vision boards are a fun and creative way for people to be reminded of their goals, and be inspired to feel and think freely through meaningful imagery. Come on your own, as a couple, or as a family (or bring a friend). We'll gather our supplies, play some light music, light a candle, pray, have a cup of tea (or snacks), and be artful and soulful through our thoughts and feelings as we create our vision boards with meaningful imagery. RSVP by October 13 by emailing the church office office@woodlawnunited.ca or by calling 902-434-8302.

Thursday October 25: Rooms A & B ~ Rahaf’s Story. Hear the moving story of Rahaf Abdo, a young woman living in Syria, currently working as a field coordinator for the food assistance project of the Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue, which is supported by Canadian Foodgrains Bank. She started out as a volunteer but gave up a job lecturing in the engineering department at the nearby university to do relief work full time. She is responsible for the food boxes and cash supplements that need to find their way to thousands of displaced families in a very complex environment. Learn about the trauma Rahaf has experienced through her words. “Sometimes I think I can’t live here anymore. I get panic attacks because of what I’ve seen,” she says. “But then I think I’m helping people.” She will speak about her experiences supporting her fellow Syrians. The project is implemented by Mennonite Central Committee and receives financial support from the United Church of Canada.

Mystery Friends Program

The purpose of this program is to build friendships that bridge the gap between generations. A younger member of the congregation is secretly paired to an older member and they become pen-pals for 6 weeks by using a secret code name. For 5 weeks, the pair writes letters to each other exchanging all sorts of interesting tidbits about themselves and on the 6th week they meet.

On the first week, Oct 28th, there will be two tables set up in the hall during coffee hour, one to receive letters for the Jr. members and the other where letters for the Sr Mystery Friend may be dropped off. After church the juniors check the Jr. Table to see if they got anything from their Sr. Mystery Friend, and the seniors check their table. It is usually easy to tell when a letter has their name on it because you can see their excited reaction (and I am not just talking about the youngest members!) If you are unable to attend church, you may leave your letter in a box in the new entrance in a box labelled for Jr or Sr Mystery friends.

Your Mystery Friend will be revealed to you on the 6th week at the SANTA CLAUS BREAKFAST (Sunday, Dec 2nd). At this time the Mystery Friends may exchange a little gift (not costing more than $5) and sit with each other during the breakfast. Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board on the stage in Hall.