Accessibility Bond Issue

In our ongoing fund raising efforts we will soon be releasing a bond issue. These Bonds will be for 5 and 10 year terms and will carry a very competitive interest rate, which will be greater than can be obtained at any of the financial institutions. The information below outlines our plans to issue these Bonds early in the New Year. By investing in these bonds you are also investing in your Church and indeed in your community. You will rest assured that by your investment in this manner we are all "winners." You, the investor will attract a very attractive interest rate on your investment and Woodlawn United Church will save money by avoiding commercial lenders and paying higher interest rates than we pay on these bonds. This is a wise investment decision on your part and we hope you will give serious consideration to this effort to raise funds. If you have any questions not answered in any of the documents below please feel free to contact Barry Zwicker or Ralph Sams at 434-8302.