We  have a diverse worship life at Woodlawn, with a regular worship service every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. Worship is led by our ministry team, Rev. Phillip Kennedy, Rev. Mary Lynne Whyte, Shannon MacLean and Bob Rushton.  

Come hear the story of our faith,  listen for the voice of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit in our diverse worship services.

  • The message is shared in story, sermon, monologue, dramatic presentations and sometimes even video.
  • Music is an integral part of worship and different each week. You will hear amazing sounds: choir, anthems, organ, piano, drums, and various different instruments.
  • We have communion several times a year. Everyone is welcome at Christ's table to break bread (Gluten free bread) and drink the wine (grape juice).



March 18, 2018



Join us to Celebrate with Music!

Join us during Lent and on Easter Sunday, for a series of organ recitals presented by our Director of Music, Bob Rushton. These will start approximately 10-15 minutes after Worship has ended and last about 15-20 minutes. 

Give it up for the Earth!

Lenten Faith in Action: February 14 - March 29

This year the people of Woodlawn United Church are challenged to “Give it up for the Earth!”

“Give it up for Earth!” is a national faith-in-action campaign to increase Canada’s contribution to climate justice. It is focused on the global crisis and offers people opportunity to be part of the solution. We, as a congregation, have this accessible, tangible, and powerful way to respond to this critical issue. During Lent, you are invited to pledge and call our government to action. We can be a sign that Canadians are prepared to make lifestyle changes to reduce our GHG emissions. And, that we want our government to match and exceed these actions with policy changes that will move us further and faster towards international climate change goals. Together we CAN make a difference!